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Interview with Kenny Soto

CITE | Feb 18, 2017

Georgie-Ann: Who are you Kenny Soto?

Kenny: I am a recent CCNY graduate who has worked in the business to business non-profit sector teaching small business owners and college students social media marketing and SEO best practices. Currently I am working at Thomas Net RPM, I also volunteers my time at SCORE NYC, presenting workshops on digital marketing at venues such as: the Jacob Javits Convention Center, the SIBL library, and other venues. I am also versed in creating and developing personal brands for anyone interested in controlling what content is associated with their name online.

Georgie-Ann: How are your Caribbean?

Kenny: My family immigrant from the Dominican Republic. Myself and a few cousins are the 1st generation of American-Dominicans in my family.

Georgie-Ann: When did you participate in CITE?

Kenny: I sat on the July CITE panel that discussed the unique challenges Caribbean entrepreneurs face when first starting out.

Georgie-Ann: What happened after participating in a CITE event?

Kenny: As a direct result of speaking on this panel, I was able to connect with two of the panelist and learn more about their own personal challenges as they continue to grow their respective businesses.

Georgie-Ann: Tell me a little more about the program you volunteer for, SCORE.

Kenny: For SCORE, I do Digital Marketing Workshop. It’s a completely free service offered by the City. There are workshops and mentorship on legal, finance, marketing, partnerships and much more. You just need to go to their website and set an appointment. Even if it’s just an idea you have and want to work it out with someone. I’ve been volunteering with them for the last 2 years and I recommend this free resource to everyone.

Georgie-Ann: What advice would you give other aspiring entrepreneurs and techies of Caribbean Decent?

Kenny: Skill acquisition is more important than short term financial gains. We must have a long-term vision that is associated with the skills we want to attain within a given time. Chancing the money doesn't give you the leverage you need to grow to the level you'll need to obtain to manage a business that brings reputable impact.

Georgie-Ann: How can others contact you?

Kenny: The best way is through my personal website, KennySoto.com

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