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Interview with Damion Wongsang

CITE | Jul 15, 2017

In this interview we have a short conversation with Damion Wonsong, founder of Frezit Labs (https://www.frez.it/), Wongsang Worldwide (https://www.wongsangworldwide.com) and Deitscho (https://www.deitscho.com).

Sidni: Who is Damion Wongsang?

Damion: I am a an omnichannel entrepreneur, with experience in design, marketing, sales and industrial design.

Sidni: How are you Caribbean?

Damion: I am Jamaican.

Sidni: When did you participate in CITE?

Damion: I participated in the Link Up CITE event to demo and pitch my company Frezit.

Sidni: What happened after participating in a CITE event?

Damion: The event increased my brand’s visibility.

Sidni: How did you first find out about CITE?

Damion: We connected with the team after a few meetups.

Sidni: What advice would you give other aspiring entrepreneurs and techies of Caribbean Descent?

Damion: My suggestion is to focus on solving local problems!

Sidni: How can others contact you?

Damion: The best way is through my websites www.frez.it , www.deitscho.com, wongsangworldwide.com, www.alleysummit.com

Learn more about Damion and his ventures by checking out the links below:

Frezit Labs


Frezit Labs is a home innovation company responsible for developing the world’s first smart disposal unit.

Wongsang Worldwide


Wongsang Worldwide conceives, designs and produces digital content and integrated experiences for web, mobile and the physical world



DEITSCHO.LP is vertically integrated real estate investment Platform that uses technology to make Private real estate investing simple. Individual investors can select and Make direct Investments In pre-vetted institutional quality Real Estate assets directly on our website.

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